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HMRV130 Reducer

Product parameters

The HMRV/HMRV.VS/HRV/HRV.VS four input modes of the gearbox have very strong performance in all aspects, and you are worth having.

product details
Product Features
Product Features

The RV series worm gear reducers produced by our company include two main categories: 8MRV and 8RV. The characteristics of this product are:

>Adopting the ZK type conical envelope transmission principle;

>Advanced wear-resistant materials;

>Superior performance, compact structure, small size, and high efficiency;

>Easy installation, easy maintenance and repair;

>Large transmission ratio range, high torque, and high overload resistance;

>Stable operation, low noise, and durability;

>Strong applicability, high safety and reliability.

Application scope

Before purchasing our company's products, please carefully refer to the following usage range:

>Capable of operating under high inertia conditions;

>Can be used in high dynamic tension situations;

>Applicable ambient temperature range -10 °~60 °;

>Used in environments where environmental pressure exceeds atmospheric pressure;

>Avoid using this reducer in liquid environments.

Application scope
Application industry
Application industry

Metallurgical, mining, lifting, transportation, cement, construction, chemical, textile, printing and dyeing, pharmaceutical and other fields